Would you agree that this is such a perfect time to start something new? What about those of us who are taking the time to continue to build what we started pre-quarantine? Why stop now? Keep going!

Photo by Ruffa Jane Reyes on Unsplash

We have so much to be thankful for, like our health, our safety and our family. And yes, I even mean those kids we call our children who during the quarantine made me question if they were children of Jessica or children of the corn… 🙂 But hey, we wanted to become parents, right?

Lets chat for a moment about our goals post-quarantine. Many took this time as an opportunity to reconnect, rebuild, rebrand or refresh. Whatever their direction was, we must acknowledge one thing – action. They took action to do something for their lives, their families or business. As we begin our new norm and schedules begin to fill up, work starts to pick up and we go back to some level of our new “busy”, let’s work together to identify some areas in your life or in your business that are begging you for attention and need you to take action on today!

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Something I committed to in January of 2020 but am procrastinating on is __________. 
  • An item on my “to do” list that I have carried over more than once is __________. 
  • Some items in my closet that I’ve been holding on to and have not worn in over a year are __________.
  • I promised my daughter/son a few months ago that I would help them with __________. 
  • A system I keep putting off but need to implement in my business in order to create efficiencies is __________.
  • The person I met at the last networking event (pre-covid19) which I’ve been meaning to connect with is __________. 

Now these are just some examples to help you think… Ultimately, you know deep down what exactly is tugging at your hurt or your mind. You know… That thing that keeps coming up at night when you’re already cozy in bed  and you made the decision to do in the morning… Yeah, that one!

Narrow it down and outline two to three action items that you’ll be able to start working on right away. Regardless of how big or small they are, take these action steps to plan and help you restart what you had been working on pre-quarantine. It will help you renew and refresh your mind in order to work with more clarity. And finally, make the decision to recommit to your goals. Your future self will thank you! 

I would love to hear about your passion projects and some things you’ve done differently the last few months. Lets connect