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Like most of you, never did I ever think that we would be facing a global pandemic in the year that we were all manifesting, ok ok ok I was chanting, it would be the year of 2020 vision! While there was talk of this COVID 19 thing, like everything else I thought to myself “this too shall pass”. But then, we were quarantined!

Now let me share with you that this was a really hard time for me. You see, I have silently suffered from anxiety for some years and 2019 was the year that my life experiences brought it out to light. So of course, with breathing exercises as well as creating some boundaries, I’ve tried my best to manage through it, but nonetheless, a quarantine really does help your emotions get the best of you.

So I was interviewed recently on the “3 Lessons I Learned During Quarantine” by Annabelle Bayhan, Course Creator and Coach and I wanted to share those 3 here lessons (and maybe a little more) with y’all here on my blog.

Here they go: 

1) The importance of being present in your family.

I can’t begin to tell you how important it is to be here. Now most of you know I’m a time blocker, so going on a whim is really hard for me, but with all this time on my hands where I can do what I want, when I want, how I want and as long as I want, I realized a few things:

– It’s ok to binge watch TV with your kids or your love, especially when they ask you. Yes, I know they’ve watched 90 Day Fiance, Frozen & Twilight a million times… buttttt, never during a pandemic. That’s a first! So yes, I binged with them and have no shame!

– Ways to be more creative in the kitchen since there’s no hustle or bustle. Yes, I’m from New York and my hustle has never stopped! So, when we’re home as a family of 6, we have to get creative and what better way than… wait for it… let the kids take over the kitchen! Between a Toston Burger and Monkey Bread and french toast among other deliciousness that my hubby prepares, it’s no wonder I need to go on a ZERO carb diet after this! But yes, I enjoyed every bite because it was made with love.

2) The importance of clarity as it relates to getting things done.

– This was the perfect time to work on some decluttering and organization. I have so much stuff being donated that I believe it has decreased my net worth and we’re not even done yet. My teens took some time to go over their entire closets and even help with the little ones. Considering my teens tend to spend a lot of time in their rooms, it was great to see them bonding, laughing and just spending time together.

– Decluttering helped me work on my productivity because a cluttered life is the equivalent of a cluttered mind. I found clarity and fresh ideas on what to start writing about and how to provide you guys with additional value because my greatest joy is to serve you.

3) The importance of investing in yourself.

– This was my favorite lesson learned because it provided me with extra time to learn the things I kept telling myself I had no time for. I took an additional business course. I read extra books (which I’ll share on another post). I even learned how to do my own nails… although my daughter did 75% of the work.

– I took the time to pamper myself a bit extra. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is when you decide to make self-care a priority. So get that extra mask on, exfoliate your skin, soak up some sun (with sunscreen of course) and take an extra 5-10 minutes in the shower. And while I mention that, I mean taking the time to cry. I’ve had the moments where I just need to be alone for a few and the shower has been that special place for me. So I challenge you to make self-care a priority. You can thank me later!

Now listen, or keep reading, getting things done during this time is important. Yes! Especially knowing there’s a due date, a deadline, a time coming soon before the country reopens and we get back to normal. But what is truly normal for you and your family? I’ll let you ponder on that so that you can answer the question for yourself.

Well, there you have it. My 3 lessons learned:

Presence, Clarity and Self-care

As the country adapts to this new norm, businesses work on reinventing themselves, medicine becomes more advanced and neighbors learn how to pull together regardless of political affiliation, natural origin, race, religion or gender, what are you doing to reinvent yourself? Why not start your own new norm today?

Start Today!

I can’t wait to hear from you! Feel free to share your thoughts and some of your lessons learned.

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