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Need more time to focus on what you love?

3 habits that you can start today that will help you save hours a day

Are you currently putting your head down on the pillow at night wondering where all your time went? 

It seemed like only a few minutes ago when your alarm went off. 

And then life just happened. 

Then back in bed we go. 

I used to be stuck in the SAME exact cycle. I felt like I never had enough time to work on my passion projects outside of working my 9-5. 

You may be wondering…how did the Own It planner come to life when I was working my 9-5? I found a few hours in my day by using these three habits. Let’s dive in!

1). I tracked my time religiously. 

You have probably heard this one before and may be rolling your eyes at the thought. Taking time to document how you spend your time is the best way to learn HOW you are actually using your time. (Good and bad!

You can easily use a timer app like Clockify or Toggl to track, categorize, and label your time. Easily pull a report for you to then review at the end of the week so you can identify what tasks are eating up your time. (But may not be moving the needle!) Not to mention where you will be able to trim it down at! You can easily self identify some areas where you need to work on or even delegate to save some time in your day.

2). Write everything down. 

This simple practice will save you time and energy so you don’t have to try and “remember” everything. By writing it the Brain Dump section of the Own It Planner or in a traditional notebook, you let your tools help you to remember. Gone are the days of forgetting about that meeting or ordering more dog food. Become more effective and save time by writing it all down. 

3). Audit your tasks. 

You may be wondering…how will spending time on auditing actually help me save more time? When you audit your tasks on a monthly basis, you can focus on what aligns with your goals. And if you are not sure what goals you should be focusing and working on…we need to chat!

When you sit down and do your audit, you are able to focus on self-accountability and reprioritize when things do not go as planned. When you are juggling all the pieces, being flexible is key to progress. 

Are you ready to save even more time? Let’s hop on a call together to figure out what your goals should be and how you can make them happen with your current schedule! Email me today!